The Reluctant Sojourner

The Second Chapter of a book first published by Gallery2020 Publishing in 2008 is now published as an introduction to the book on the Habitat Association’s Book blog site under the name of the book “Will the Real Melchizedek please step forward.” Gallery2020 Publishing has now published the second edition of this book on ITunes as an ibook. The book was published in February 2013. A sample book can be found under the authors name or title of the book in the iTunes or ibook search engine. Presently the sample book and full version can only be accessed on iPads or iPhones.

This chapter brings some overlooked biblical scripture insights related to the family of the biblical patriarch Abraham. Abraham was the man who had a scriptural historic meeting with the mystical Melchizedek. But the overlooked aspects of the scriptures is that the first personage that God asked to go to the land of Canaan was Abraham’s father Terah. This is the story of Terah and his challengers in life.

The chapter introduces the concept of the jubilee year or year of release from dept and slavery. It shows how anniversaries of this year could have been a marker for both Terah and Abraham meeting the king Melchizedek.

Chapter 2

Here we pick up the story two hundred and twenty years after the flood, several years before Melchizedek meets Abram.

Terah was born.

He was the father of Abram. Abram is known today to most Christians, Jews and Muslims as Abraham the father of the faithful.

Terah lived in one of the major towns in the Chaldean Kingdom. He lived in an area that we recognize today as the ancient Fertile Crescent. It was the cradle of middle-eastern civilization, and was able to support a large population through its agriculture. It also created an ease of increase and abundance in agricultural produce and made kings and rulers rich and powerful.

This in turn made the populations of this fertile area very dependant on the production of the land rather than the provision of God.

Terah was a Shemite, a descendant of Noah through the line of Shem. Similar to Noah himself, who was the eighth generation from Adam’s son Seth and chosen by God to save human kind 200 or so years earlier, Terah was the eighth generation after the flood.

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by David Holland