Al Nair the 31st brightest star in the sky

Al Nair is a hot blue class B sub giant star. It is in the constellation of Gruis. At a temperature of 13,500 Kelvin it is emitting a blue-white light. With characteristics of 2.3 times as hot as our sun , 3.6 times the radius of the sun and 380 time the luminosity of the Sun, it is still considered to have similar chemistry to the Sun although in the last stages of the process of burning Hydrogen.

It is a wild sun, spinning at a rate of 236 km/second at its equator, which means that it rotates one full revolution in less than a day.

The photograph of the star below has court the star in such a way as to allow the viewer to see two faces in the swirling gases at its surface. One face is a devilish face facing to the right and down of in the frame and the other is a big brain alien face looking straight at the viewer.

Although there are two distinct faces, some people can only see one face. See it you are clever enough to see both faces

Alnair - Star in Gruis

Alnair – Star in Gruis

At 101 light years from earth the star is not in our close neighbourhood, one sixth of the way to Betelgeuse which is 640 light years away.

The photograph was taken in December 2013 by the Sony super camera HX300 with a 50 times optical magnification and a 200 times overall magnification. The camera specifications included a 20.4 mega pixel sensor. The frame was then magnified 8x internally in the camera and a photo internally recorded. Then a further magnification was made of approximately 2.7x. This is a total magnification of about 4300 times.

The Photo was takes on Manual with an ISO setting of 3200 and a shutter speed of about 1000th of a second.

Article by David Holland